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List of Top Medical Billing and Coding Services
This is an extensive list of Top Medical Billing and Coding Outsourcing Services and Solution Providers. It also lists other pages on the Web where you can find additional information on this topic. They provide medical billing services, medical coding services, medical insurance, medical claims processing, Doctor Billing etc. The pages are listed in alphabetical order.
Abbott Medical Data Management list your company 
We are local Medical Practice Management Company dedicated to meeting many of your Medical Billing and IT Solutions of your practice.
Thinking about medical billing outsourcing? Not sure where to get unbiased information? Read In House versus Outsourced Medical Billing? and get the answers ...
Call, email. mail, fax: Phn. 866.688.4536 Fax. 866.262.7797, Email. See Contact tab Mail. PO Box 723, Valley Park, MO 63021.
Action Billers is a professional medical billing outsourcing company geared towards providing healthcare professional business solutions.
Allzone Management Solutions is a Business Process Outsourcing company located in California, US and Chennai, India. medical transcription, medical billing ...
Medical Billing Outsourcing India provides services like Professional Billing, Doctor Billing, Electronic Claims Processing, Claims filing, Insurance Claims ...
Medical billing and application services, business plans, practice management assessments, North Carolina (NC) Physicians Credentialing and turnkey practice ...
ascent business solutions, One of the leading healthcare outsourcing service providers in India offers Medical Billing & Coding Services, medical claim ...
Bill Current Medical Billing and Collections provides cost-effective HIPAA compliant medical billing outsourcing solutions for health care professionals nationwide ...
Offers wide offshoring services ranging from Medical Billing, Medical Transcription and other transcription services like Legal, Technical, ...
BNL is a top solution Medical Billing company providing medical billing and coding services to physician and third party medical billing companies in the ...
Wanting to Outsource Medical Billing Services to India? Looking for specialist Medical Billing Transcriptionist Solutions? Look no further, Outsource to BVS ...
Our comprehensive medical billing and revenue cycle management services will significantly reduce billing errors, increase efficiency of revenue cycle, ...
Providing medical billing services including medical billing, medical billing consulting, medical coding and medical billing outsourcing services to ...
Data Entry Solution provides high quality medical billing, collections and accounts receivables management service for the healthcare providers across the ...
We are a professional turnkey medical billing & coding service company. Billing outsourcing solutions include family practice, OBGYN, Physical Therapy, ...
Our medical transcription services provide fast, reliable, cost effective in medical transcription, medical billing, medical coding, insurance claim ...
Exact Medical Billing Services provides outsource billing services to Physicians, Chiropractors, DME, and Ancillary Services.
Outsourcing medical billing/claims management process enables physicians to save time and money. Find out how outsourcing to Fast Track Medical Billing ...
Outsource medical billing services to Flatworld Solutions and get access to error-free and cost-effective medical billing services.
GeBBS is an ISO 9001 certified healthcare outsourcing solutions firm based in Englewood Cliffs, NJ, with multiple offshore delivery centers in India.
Global Edge is California based leading Healthcare Billing Service provider with a comprehensive medical billing service and receivables management system ...
Medical billing firm providing medical billing solutions including claims management and practice management to physicians.
Hartron Communications Ltd provides services to Medical Billing companies at prices as low as half the current market price per Financial Transaction ...
Infinit-O is a firm providing medical billing, medical coding, finance and accounting outsourcing services, we are specialists in medical claims coding, ...
Outsource Medical Billing and Medical Coding at ITH Healthcare. Your source for Medical Billing and Medical Coding, Medical Transcription Services, ...
Medical billing firm providing medical billing services including medical billing, medical coding, Teleradiology Services, Outsourcing Medical Billing to ...
Lister is an end-to-end medical billing outsourcing company that provides offshore medical billing & coding, and accounts receivables services across the US ...
The Scheduling component of MD Synergys PRO Solution is an Internet-based patient scheduling solution that is completely integrated with EMR, transcription ...
Med-Care Administrators Services, expert medical billing and practice management solutions serving all of Upstate New York for over 20 years.
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