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Inforret is a directory of top ranking companies and webpages listed on the web on a wide variety of topics. Ferret: ( fer' it )  in English means to uncover and to bring to light by searching; to search intensively. This list is generated by researching the web and collecting and cataloguing the list of main players in a large variety of fields and lists them alphabetically by their company or website name.

All the listed pages rank high in search results in their respective field. We try to collect information most relevant to the field. We visit every listed website to ensure that the content is relevant and useful to the public. We do not accept any compensation to include any company in our list except for the paid advertisements. We do not accept any link exchanges or back links from any of the listed companies. We also do not support or endorse any of them. This allows the user to quickly get an unbiased list of the main companies or websites offering a particular product or service. It also lists articles and journal material relating to that topic.

Inforret allows companies to advertise their products on pages that are relevant to their field. This helps to drive targeted traffic to their website. This is offered at a much lower cost than currently available anywhere else. Inforret pages are listed high on the search results and that drives large traffic to this website. It is an ideal place to advertise your business. To list your company, please visit the page of your choice and click on the "list your company" link.

The pages are arranged in categories, subcategories and then topics. All these pages can be accessed using the dropdown menu and also from directory listings. We are continuing to create more and more lists on many different topics. If you would like to see a list on some particular topic, please contact us. We will ferret and publish it!

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