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The use of the services provided by Inforret.com (also mentioned as Inforret) is subject to the following terms and conditions which may be changed without providing any advanced notice to the user. By using this service, you agree to comply with these terms. Use of the Website or the Services in any way not expressly permitted by this Agreement is prohibited, and may be actionable under Indian or international law.


Inforret.com collects and uses information that is publicly available on the internet like the the information available from description meta tags of websites.  Though Inforret takes every effort to ensure the quality of the content in this website, Inforret does not guarantee that the information provided is true and dependable. Placing the link to a website or product or service does not imply that Inforret is recommending or advising anyone to visit that website or purchase any of their products or services. Inforret is only a directory of businesses and articles that could benefit public in general. Inforret is not directly or indirectly responsible for the content of the websites that it links to. Inforret does not sell any information of its users to any third party. You acknowledge that Inforret may, in its sole discretion,  disclose any information, email addresses, IP addresses that are available to it to any third party or government agency required under law, which requires this information for investigative purposes, or to ensure the safety of this service or the community at large.

Proprietary rights

The contents of the website, the software and programs that are used for this service are the sole and exclusive property of Inforret and you may not duplicate, copy, publish or distribute or make derivative work out of any content located in this website unless otherwise given written consent in advance by Inforret.com.  Inforret links to several company websites, whose website name, trademarks, product name, graphics etc mentioned in Inforret pages belongs to those respective owners.

By making a posting to Inforret, it is implied that you own the content and in so doing, does not violate the copyright or ownership of any other individual or organization or company. Also by posting content to any public area in this site, you agree to grant Inforret the irrevocable, perpetual, fully paid worldwide license to use, copy, publish and distribute all or part of it without providing any notice or remuneration to you. Also you will not copy or retransmit any information from this site without getting the prior permission of the original author of the message and or Inforret. The user should not attempt to gain access or reengineer or disassemble the script, source code or database contained in the service. 

Guidelines for posting content to Inforret.com

By using this messaging system you agree to abide by these basic rules,

  • Always be respectful to other users, webmasters and the system. We put the system in good faith and please use it in good faith

  • Racial, inflammatory, communal, misleading, threatening, abusive, something harmful to minors or otherwise objectionable content to public should not be posted in this site

  • Adult content either textual or graphical or links to adult sites are objectionable and should not be posted.

  • Personal identifying information of another person should not be revealed without the consent of that person

  • Misrepresentation or impersonation or any other person or entity in your postings is not allowed.

  • Postings that contain virus or malicious code to damage or weaken the functionality of the service or its users should not be posted.

  • Please do not drop promotional URLs, or advertisements in categories other than business classifieds or at places unwarranted.  It will be the sole discretion of Inforret and its moderators as to what constitutes an advertisement.

Limitation of service

You acknowledge that Inforret does not agree to maintain any of the postings or messages for any period of time and cannot be held responsible for not publishing any post or failing to deliver any email or the messages getting corrupted. Inforret reserves the right to cancel or suspend part or the full service without issuing any prior notification to the users.

Legal immunity

You agree to indemnify to defend and hold harmless, Inforret or its employees of any claims or any attorney fees that may result from a law suit or otherwise resulting from a conflict on any content made on this site or your violation of the right of another. Your interaction with any individual or organization that you came to be in touch with through this site is fully your responsibility and will not hold Inforret liable for any loss or damage that you may have sustained.

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